“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”  (Aristotle)

Here at Prestige Dental we have always been an advocate for education in dentistry. With ongoing clinical progressions and innovative developments, new information needs to be communicated, skill sets developed and experience shared to ensure accurate and correct use of dentistry products and equipment. This is key to the future and the continuing high standards of our profession. 

With technical expertise at the cornerstone of our business, we understand the need for hands-on courses and the demand for equipment readily available for each student in the classroom. Over the years we have amassed an enviable stock of equipment for this very purpose – from facebows to articulators, supplied in kits with consumables and many other unique combinations made-up to order. Our loan stock travels the country throughout the year and is precision maintained by Director Paul Martin. This can often make for tricky logistics but with plenty of notice of dates, venues and any changes we often accommodate upwards of 50 courses in any one year. 

With COVID, things have been a little different but we’ve had a surge of requests over the summer and are now inviting course providers to contact us with any of their requirements for the next academic year as soon as possible. Don’t forget you can also talk to us about featuring your company and course programmes in this section.  

If you have any requirement or would like to discuss our loan equipment services, please don’t hesitate to email Director Lucy Gabbitas – lucyg@prestige-dental.co.uk