About Rhein83

Rhein '83 has been producing, for 25 years, the spherical attachment concept for dentures. The use of the sphere as an attachment has already existed for a long time. The innovation brought by Rhein'83 was to change the "friction" concept into the "retention" concept using an elastic cap instead of a rigid clip. This innovation was not immediately accepted by professionals, but with the time, the spherical and castable attachments, are now used successfully all over the world. Rhein '83 products are exclusive to Prestige Dental and only available in the UK via Prestige.

Exclusive to Prestige Dental

As sole distributor in the UK of Rhein83, this means we can exclusively bring you their products direct, hassle free and cost effectively. However if you don’t see exactly what you want on site, please contact us for more information here: info@prestige-dental.co.uk

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