Primotec Milling Burs

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Paul Martin

Paul Martin


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Available for

  • Amman Girrbach
  • Imes Icore
  • Sirona MCx5
  • Roland
  • Zirkonzahn
  • VHF
  • Yena
  • Degostar
  • Weiland
Premio ZR Diamond

Premio ZR Diamond

  • These high-end burs for zirconia with long-life diamond coating can mill up to ten times more units compared to uncoated tools.
  • The true running characteristics of the tools create super smooth surfaces when milling any type of zirconia
  • No chipping even on really thin margins
  • Three flute concept results in 50% more cutting surface compared to normal burs which mostly have two flutes.
  • This means a higher feed rate on the mill, which will increase the speed of production while keeping the same quality of work.
  • Extremely low breakage rate due to the special tungsten carbide alloy and tapered transition from shaft to shank.
Premio PM Blue

Premio PM Blue

  • The perfect milling tools for PMMA and PEEK due to their unique, very hard Durablue coating.
  • The typically low friction coefficient of this blue colour super-nitride coating helps avoid overheating and smearing when milling acrylics.
  • The super smooth Durablue wear resistant coating substantially increases the burs lifetime.
  • These tools also work well for sinter-alloys and zirconia.
Premio TC Gold

Premio TC Gold

  • The ultimate burs for CoCr and titanium-based alloys based on the very strong, gold colour Duragold coating.
  • Duragold is an innovative HiPIMS deposit method coating, which makes these high-performance milling tools super durable.
  • Premio TC Gold tools with Duragold coating are especially suitable for milling hard materials, even in very thin areas.
Premio TC Silver

Premio TC Silver

  • The versatile milling tools, also usable for CoCr and titanium, with Durasil coating.
  • These Premio-burs with a silver-grey coloured surface are reasonably priced and yet offer an extended lifetime.
  • They work very well for non-precious alloys, but can also be used for most other dental materials.
Premio Standard

Premio Standard

  • Uncoated, well priced standard milling burs for all soft dental materials.
Premio EM

Premio EM

  • The high-precision Premio EM burs have been specially developed for use with IPS e.max.
  • The long-life galvanically bonded diamond will accurately mill up to 30 units.