Covid-19 has made many changes to our current lives particularly on the work front, and certainly our horizons have been much reduced. It’s therefore really lovely to be able to hear direct from our overseas work colleagues on just how they are staying safe and healthy during these uncertain times.

Based in Watertown, Massachusetts, Pulpdent is a small, family-owned business, which prides itself on their inclusive and welcoming culture. They prioritise the wellbeing of all their employees, who are deeply dedicated to providing their customers with high quality dental materials. So, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, a safe work environment remains a foundational piece of their recovery plan.

While many of their office staff are continuing to work remotely for the time being, the factory is taking the utmost precautionary measures to ensure employee safety and high manufacturing quality. They are committed to carrying out business with extreme care, as they work towards a “new normal”.

Here’s some of the Pulpdent team sharing their personal experiences in facing COVID-19 challenges, how they’re staying safe and healthy during these uncertain times, while remaining optimistic and results-oriented at work.

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Leah Berk media and communications team member with a toddler