2023 has certainly been a year of challenges for many businesses and for all sorts of reasons. Confronting these and successfully navigating through whatever comes your way, boils down to the people on the ground, your staff, the team that makes any business work.

The team at Prestige Dental have always had a strong bond and when unexpected serious illness, struck down a key member of staff, everyone else rallied round, did whatever needed to be done, ensuring the business continued to run smoothly. With individual’s roles changed, expanded and extra hours often needed, the ‘let’s pull together’ attitude was truly amazing.

With this as the backdrop to Prestige’s 2023, there was a view that this special camaraderie, in such difficult circumstances should be recognised. We were therefore absolutely delighted to be shortlisted at the Dental Industry Awards in the ‘Team of the Year’ category, amongst some very distinguished company.

Attending the glittering awards ceremony in London, Directors Lucy and Paul were thrilled to be awarded ‘Highly Commended’ and proudly accepted this accolade in recognition of all that team Prestige had done throughout the last 12 months.

Paul Martin commented:

“A combination of things both in and out of the office environment make Team Prestige (and the company) what it is today. ‘Going that extra mile’ became synonymous with how the team responded to our challenges, Lucy & I couldn’t be prouder that their efforts have been recognised by the Industry that we serve.”